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Everything you need to know about your car's PUC certificate

Everything you need to know about your car's PUC certificate

Every car owner in India must have a PUC certificate (pollution under control) with them when driving.

Carbon emissions have reached dangerous levels around the world. As a result, each Government seeks to take certain steps to reduce car emissions. To ensure that cars emit an appropriate amount of pollution, owners must undergo emissions testing in order to meet government standards. In the same way that every car owner is required by law to obtain third-party insurance under the Automobile Act 1988, the Law also requires him to obtain a PUC certificate under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule. For 1989. Let's go through the basics of the PUC certificate.

Everything you need to know about your car's PUC certificate

A valid driver's license, insurance coverage, and a controlled pollution certificate are all legal requirements for owning a car in India. The Automobile Act 1988 requires all vehicles on Indian roads to have insurance coverage. Similarly, puc certification is required under the Central Automobile Rule in 1989.

What is PUC?

The controlled pollution certificate verifies that a vehicle has passed the PUC test, which verifies that the vehicle meets the pollution control standards set out in the Central Automobile Act 1989. This certificate verifies that vehicle emissions are in accordance with national pollution standards and do not harm the environment. All car owners are required to obtain a recent pollution certificate. This certificate contains information about your vehicles such as your vehicle registration number, emission test date, PUC serial number, test reading, and emission test validity date. The PUC certificate, on the other hand, has a validity period of 6 months and must then be renewed.

How to get a PUC certificate?

Vehicles passing the PUC test are only granted PUC certification. You may receive this certificate by testing your vehicle at specific certified gas stations, where your vehicle's output tube is scanned with special testing machines to determine the emission rate. If the vehicle passes the emissions test, the responsible authority is granted a certificate. The test is performed at a low price. Choosing a PUC certification option on Parivahan's official website will provide you with a list of RTO-approved PUC centers as well as addresses.

What is the importance of obtaining a PUC certificate?

When you drive a car with your PUC certificate, you are a responsible and law-abiding person. Moreover, by testing your car every six months, you become more aware of the level of pollution in your car and also learn when your car needs service before a minor problem worsens. If an enforcement officer notices that the vehicle's emissions are above permitted levels, the owner of the vehicle may be required to submit his vehicle for testing. The owner of the vehicle should not ignore the system; otherwise, the responsible authorities may suspend the vehicle registration certificate until a valid and up-to-date PUC certificate is obtained.

Cost and validity

1. When you buy a new car, you will receive a PUC certificate with a one-year validity period. After that, your car will undergo puc testing on a regular basis, with a new certificate given each time.

2. The replacement certificate usually has a validity period of six months. If a negative result is obtained during the PUC test, the validity of the certificate will be determined based on that result.

3. The test center will notify RTO, RTO deputy or RTO assistant within a day if cars emit higher emission levels than authorized limits.

4. The cost of the PUC exam is really low. They range from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100, depending on which vehicle is being tested and what type of fuel is used.

Take away

The PUC certification verifies that the vehicle's emissions fall within acceptable limits. It is important to have your car PUC certificate on you when driving. Otherwise, you may be fined by the authorities. In this article, we tried to explain the basics of the PUC certificate and why every car owner should get one. We are confident that the information provided will help you get it quickly.

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