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How to renew your car insurance policy at a low premium?


How to renew your car insurance policy at a low premium?

If you have a car, you must have an insurance policy on the cars to keep them safe and secure. Read on to see how you can keep it going at a low premium.

Car insurance policies are absolute must if you have a car. They keep your car safe from a number of emergencies and reliable in all circumstances. All car insurance policies have an expiration date, a job that you need to renew if you want to continue to insure them. During the renewal of your car insurance policy, you can save the new premium amount in some of the ways discussed below. 

Ways to renew your car insurance policy at a low premium

If you want to keep your car safe, you must renew your car insurance on time. Most insurance providers require policyholders to renew within 90 days of expiration date to keep the auto insurance policy active and avoid penalties. The expiration date of a particular insurance policy may vary from one insurance company to another as well. Here are some ways you can renew your car insurance policy at low premiums.

Comparing online policies

Browsing through online car insurance policies gives you a broad perspective on what is currently available on the market. This will also help you compare their prices before you decide to settle on one. There are some insurance companies that also offer huge discounts when buying or renewing their policies online, so be sure to take advantage of that. Besides, it is always more convenient to look through all the information online, since it is available in only a few clicks of your fingers, and there is increased transparency. 

Keep your non-claim bonus intact 

No claim bonus is a certain discount available to all policyholders if they do not file any claim against their car insurance policies. It increases with each subsequent financial year in which no claims have been filed. All discounts are posted and applied during policy renewal. Therefore, it is advisable that policyholders should not file claims for easily resolved issues or cases that do not incur significant fees. Retain the benefits allocated to any unexpected and severe incident. Although it's tempting to use the benefits of simple harassment insurance, it's more useful to get this discount and keep your car protected longer. Furthermore, most insurance companies allow policyholders to retain their eligibility even if they have changed insurance policies.

Install ARAI-certified theft devices

Install arai (Automotive Research Association of India) approved a theft device not only keeps your car from being robbed but can also help you get a lower premium. Although many cars these days come with pre-installed anti-theft devices, make sure you check your insurance company and let them know about the discount claim. Insurance providers encourage the installation of anti-theft devices because they prevent car theft, thereby reducing the chances of policyholders filing claims. Therefore, both parties get equal benefits with this method. 


Be sure to renew your car insurance policy on time not only to avoid any penalties but also to keep your car protected at lower premium rates. Abandoning the car insurance policy altogether just because it may not have come to use much in the previous policy period may not be the wisest decision, because unexpected accidents are always from trouble to deal with.

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