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How to renew your expired car insurance online?

How to renew your expired car insurance online?

Read this article to find out simple ways to renew your expired car insurance online without any complications.

Your car insurance policy is valid for a certain period only. Depending on the plan you choose, it can be for one, three or five years. It is important to renew your insurance coverage regularly if you want coverage in the event of an unexpected disaster. If you file a car insurance claim after your coverage expires, your claim may be rejected. Learn how to renew insurance coverage on time by reading this article.

How to renew expired car insurance online?

In accordance with indian automobile law, having valid car insurance is mandatory. As a result, it is necessary to verify again that your insurance coverage is still valid. It's hard to take a trip to your insurance company to renew your insurance policy during your hectic day. Therefore, you can easily renew your car insurance online in your free time from the comfort of your home. Different providers have different procedures for renewing online insurance plans, however, the notable steps to renew your car insurance policy are as follows -

1. Look for the Car Insurance tab on your insurance provider's official website. Select the option of a car insurance policy or renewal from the drop-down list.

2. This will take you to a screen where you must enter information about your vehicles, such as the registration number and the current policy number. In addition, some websites may want to send your car model, the type of fuel you use and your contact information. Fill in the relevant information and select "Follow up" or "follow up."

3. Give the expiration date of the previous car insurance policy.

4. You will inquire about some websites if you have made any claim. Choose the right option and continue.

5. Select the type of policy you want, as well as any additional insurance coverage, after filling out the background information. Before settling on a single car insurance plan, be sure to evaluate many policies. After that, you can proceed to the purchase option now and confirm your information.

6. You will then need to pay your premium using your online banking, credit card or debit card. The policy will be issued to you, and your policy will be delivered to your email address immediately.

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Why should your car insurance policy be renewed?

Accidents are unpredictable, which is why you must renew your car insurance policy on a regular basis. Here are some of the benefits of renewing your car insurance -

You can claim any claim bonus

The no-claim premium is a discount on the premium provided by car insurance companies to customers who do not file a claim during the policy year. If you renew your insurance policy after the expiry of the term and do not file any claims, you will receive a no-claim bonus, which will lower the price of your car insurance.

Customize your car insurance

Insurance companies provide additional services in the form of extras or passengers that can be added to your regular car insurance policy. These can be added to your policy when purchased or renewed. When renewing your car insurance policy, you can choose additional extras tailored to your car's needs. In this way, you can customize your car insurance policy depending on your needs at the time of renewal.

Dodge legal penalty

According to the Indian Automobile Act, having at least a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory. It is illegal to drive without a valid insurance policy. When renewing your insurance coverage on time, you will avoid having to pay heavy fines if you are stopped by the authorities.

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Take away

Buying an auto insurance policy is not only mandatory, but also necessary. If you have an accident after the coverage is over, you won't be able to claim your insurance, resulting in a significant financial loss. Therefore, make sure your car is regularly renewed and that you drive carefully.

Disclaimer: This article is published in the public interest and is intended for public information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as crucial in nature, and further research or expert consultation should be conducted in this regard.

What is roadside assistance and how does it work? 

Roadside assistance is additional coverage or independent coverage that you can purchase in addition to your car insurance policy. RSA provided by Shriram General Insurance is an immediate relief that may help you get out of any reverse predicament you may find yourself in. While most car insurance companies offer roadside assistance as an additional cover or racer for your standard insurance policy, you can buy roadside assistance at Shriram For public insurance as an independent policy. 

Shiram General Insurance provides roadside assistance for vehicle support services in India. It helps solve vehicle problems immediately by towing, refueling, and any other necessary repairs to the next authorized garage. The insurance company makes every effort to provide RSA facilities to insured as soon as possible.

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Roadside assistance features in Shriram Public Insurance

Different insurance companies offer different features to their passengers. At Shriram General Insurance, you can take advantage of the following features by buying roadside assistance cover - 

1. Your unexpected car difficulties will be treated with the help of RSA coverage if you are trapped on the road at any time of the day or night.

2. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and supports virtually every carable road in India.

3. Coverage is available throughout mainland India on national/government highways and carable roads.

4. You have no restrictions on how much you can use for this service.

5. Get help with tow, minor on-site repairs, battery jumpstarts, tire problems, unlocked or missing keys, fuel delivery, on-demand driver service, taxi service, medical referrals, Legal referrals, local travel, housing assistance, car re-driving coordination, and more.

Benefits of buying roadside assistance coverage

Minor repairs to the site

If your car crashes due to a minor mechanical or electrical problem or accident. As a result, quick solutions cannot be immediately made. SGI arranges for auto mechanics to reach the collapse spot as soon as possible. On the other hand, the company is responsible for labour and transportation expenses. This service is available on city streets, highways, national, regional and municipal roads, but only if the car cannot reach a service centre.

Tire hole

If your car stops because of a flat tire, you must buy a new tire. The organization will help you by sending a car specialist to the scene of the collapse to replace the flat tire with the spare car wife's tire. Sheram General Insurance will only be responsible for labour and round-trip transport costs. 

Help with keys

If your vehicle is disabled as a result of broken, lost or misplaced keys. Sherram General Insurance will help you get a new set of keys. At the time of delivery of the keys, valid identity evidence must be provided as well as proof of ownership of the vehicle. Thus, you won't have to worry about your keys if you buy this cover.