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What is the car insurance claim process in United India?


What is the car insurance claim process in United India?

Read this article to understand how you can claim your car insurance from United India Insurance Company by following these easy steps.

Your bike is valuable possession, and any damage to it as a result of an accident can be devastating. Regulating finances during this painful period may be much more difficult. Having bike insurance coverage is useful because it provides financial support to repair damage to your bike as well as compensation for damage to a third-party car. The process of applying for a settlement of the claim is easy and time-consuming. When filing an insurance claim with United Indian Insurance Company, there are a few things to consider.

How to claim your car insurance at United India Insurance Company? 

Making a car insurance settlement claim at United Indian Insurance Company is simple and can be done without any hassle. Here are the steps you can take to apply for a settlement claim - 

1. Contact the United India Policy Issuance Office immediately. In the event of an incident outside the city/town where the Policy Issuance Office is located, contact the nearest office in United India to schedule a survey. The United Indian Insurance Company website contains a list of offices with addresses and phone numbers across the country for your convenience. Our list of offices can be found across the country in

2. In the event of a major accident, such as a fire or riot, keep the car at the scene/location until the surveyor reaches the spot and inspects the scene. Please keep in mind that immediate surveys are required in the event of any car accidents. Please keep the proxy/policy issuance office number at hand so that we can respond quickly.

3. At the same time, if there are any third-party injuries or deaths, be sure to report the incident to the local police station, along with full details of any injuries or deaths, as well as any damage to any Third-party property, as may be the case. If you are providing treatment to anyone injured/person in the hospital, clarify the name of the hospital as well as the name of the doctor who provided the treatment. 

4. After you have completed the above steps, you can transfer/tow the car to any approved workshop of your choice and get an estimate, which you can submit along with the completed claim form (which You may get it from any of the local offices of United Indian Insurance Company) for us to arrange a final survey. You can also submit a copy of the complaint to the police station, as well as actual flight information if immediately available, to the surveyor. However, in the case of third-party injuries, the police report must be submitted and submitted to the Office. 

5. Under no circumstances should repair work begin until the final surveyor has verified the damage and is given full clarity to move forward with the reforms. Cash invoices for spare parts and labour must be submitted as soon as repairs are completed for partial loss claims and payment requested if the claim is correct.

Points to consider while filing a settlement claim at United Indian Insurance Company 

It's really simple to make a claim with the united india insurance company. However, there are many exceptions you should be aware of in order to prevent the rejection of your bike insurance claim. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to avoid rejecting your bike insurance claim -

1. Be open and honest with your insurance company.

2. While riding your bike, be sure to abide by traffic rules. Your claim will probably be rejected if the insurance inspection team finds that the passenger was not obeying traffic laws at the time of the collision.

3. Check your policy policies to see if the circumstances of the accident are covered by your plan. If you make a claim for anything that is not covered by your insurance, it may be rejected. 

Take away

According to the Indian Automobile Act, every cyclist is required to have bike insurance. If you want to avoid costly repair expenses and legal difficulties, be sure to get a bike insurance policy that provides adequate coverage.

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