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Why should you choose global insurance for Sumbo cars?

Why should you choose global insurance for Sumbo cars?

Universal Sumpo Automotive Insurance Is a leading provider of affordable and customized car insurance policies. Read more about Universal Sumbo's car insurance plans.

Cars are an expensive commodity that an individual owns. In times of accident such as accident, theft, natural disaster, loss or damage to your car can cost you a fortune and drain your financial savings. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in car insurance to protect your car against such damage. There are a large number of companies to choose from while buying car insurance. In this article, we will look at the features and benefits of Sumbo Global Auto Insurance, which is one of india's leading insurance companies. 

Universal Sumpo Car Insurance provides you with a wide range of plans to choose from. With such plans, it also offers you exclusive additions to enhance your basic plan features and carry more benefits at reasonable costs. This company offers improved services and has more than 86 branches across India.

About Universal Sumpo Automotive Insurance

Universal Sumpo Automotive Insurance is one of 135 IRDAI certified products known to be sold by Universal Sumpo General Insurance throughout the subcontinent. It is comprehensive in nature and guarantees compensation to both parties at the time of an unexpected event. It is essential that you have a car insurance policy in India and, therefore, you must wisely choose the plan you want to protect your car. Some of the standard features of Sompo Global Car Insurance are:

It provides third-party damage coverage of up to Rs. 7.5 lakh. 

The company has a network of more than 3,500 connected garages to provide non-cash repairs to its policyholders. 

The claim settlement rate was 90.78% in fiscal year 2019-2020

The company offers personal accident coverage of up to Rs. 15 lakh for the owner and driver. 

Universal Sumpo Automotive Insurance has a 24-hour call assistance service to deal with customer complaints. 

It was ranked among the top 5 insurance companies out of 15 non-life insurance companies, according to the ICMR-BMF survey.

Benefits of Global Sumpo Car Insurance 

Along with the above features, Universal Sumpo Automotive Insurance offers the exceptional benefits listed below to its customers:

It offers both comprehensive and third-party car insurance policies. 

The claim bonus is not available for each claim-free policy period.   

With an impressive claim settlement ratio, it is one of the most trusted companies. 

There are about 8 additional covers that can be purchased to upgrade the facilities offered by your basic plan. 

A discount on specially designed/modified vehicles is offered to blind, disabled and mentally disabled individuals. 

Customers who choose anti-theft devices and voluntary discounts are offered a discount. 

Coverage of comprehensive insurance plans for Sumbo cars 

Here's a list of events covered by Sompo Global Car Insurance Plans: 

Any natural disaster mentioned in the policy has caused the loss or damage of your vehicle. 

It also includes man-made events such as riots, robberies, terrorist activity, etc. 

Coverage is provided when the car is in transit on the road, rail, elevator, waterway, air, etc. 

Third-party liability coverage includes legal protection against death or injury to the third party. 

Many other benefits are added such as personal accident coverage, hydrostatic lock cover, secure pull cover, and many more.


Insight details of the plans and policies offered by Universal Sumpo Automotive Insurance can be verified on the company's official website. Most actions such as buying and renewing plans online can be addressed without much effort. Additional covers can help you customize policies that carry greater benefits.  You can make a quick and hassle-free claim with Universal Sumpo Car Insurance with the help of their support team.

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Disclaimer: This article is published in the public interest and is intended for public information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as crucial in nature, and further research or expert consultation should be conducted in this regard.